Save All but 7 Off Sunken Senator

Circa 1929, Unknown publication
The Senator and Marquette collision in a dense fog October 30th, 1929.

No Warning of Big Crash Says Captain

Huge Crowd Gathers to See the Crippled Marquette Steam Into Port Here

Seven lives are believed to have been lost in Lake Michigan Thursday In the collision between the steamers Marquette and Senator.

Such was the closest summary possible Friday of those lost on the Senator, which sank when the two vessels met in the fog 20 miles off Port Washington. Three survivors were brought in on the Marquette, which made her way to Milwaukee with her bow stove in, and tied up at the city dock, Jones Island, at 5 p.m. Fifteen survivors were taken into Port Washington alive on the tug Delos H. Smith. The tug had the body of Peter Smith, only known victim of the disaster.

28 in Crew

Three survivors were reported to be on the steamer Thomas Walters, which stood by after the crash, but this cannot be confirmed until the Walters docks at the Soo. The Walters has no wireless. The crew of the Senator numbered 28, under Capt. George Kinch. What became of the other six only time can tell. Capt. Kinch and Mrs. Minnie Gormley, wife of the steward, are believed lost.

Meanwhile the local steamboat inspectors, Capt. F. W. Van Patten and W. A. Collins, put aside their inquiry into the sinking of the carferry Milwaukee, the first of three disasters on Lake Michigan in 10 days, and prepared to inquire into the collision of the Marquette and Senator.

Some of the things they will sift is an apparent conflict in the tales of what happened after the crash. Survivors of the Senator crew at Port Washington say that not more than five minutes elapsed after the collision before the Senator went down. Some of the survivors even believe they heard her boilers explode.

Tell of Confusion
However, while Capt. W. F. Amesbury of the Marquette cannot talk for

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Caption: The Delos H. Smith Rushing to the scene of the crash of the S. S. Marquette and the S. S. Senator, the crew of the tug Delos H. Smith, Port Washington, picked up fifteen survivors and a body. Capt. Earl Godersky was in charge. The tug was fishing nearby when the whistles of the steamers attracted it to the scene.

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