Oliver H. Smith and Evelyn C. Smith: Speaking at Ozaukee (WI) Historical Society

Oliver H. Smith and Evelyn C. Smith were recorded speaking to the Ozaukee county (Wisconsin) Historical Society back in 1972. The main topics were two ship wrecks that happened in Lake Michigan right off the coast from Port Washington, Wisconsin. The steamer Atlanta fire that occurred March 18th, 1906. The Senator and Marquette collision in a dense fog October 30th, 1929. In both ship disasters at sea the Smith family were directly involved rescuing the survivors with their fishing tugs - sturdy steel hulled boats that could go out in all sorts of foul weather.

These stories were originally recorded on cassette tape. I have digitized them and made them available as two files for download:
Brian R. Smith added comments
Evelyn C. Smith (my "Aunty A") does not mention an interesting tid-bit during her telling of the 1929 Senator and Marquette collision that I remember hearing directly from her as a kid (say, circa 1975). As the survivors of the ship wreck were being brought to the docks in downtown Port Washington she would administer, as a nurse, a touch of liquor to each "for medicinal purposes only" to warm them up from the frigid Lake Michigan waters and cold fish tug ride back to port. She told me this version of the story with a wink and a "don't you know" chuckle. In 1929 the USA was still in the middle of our Prohibition against alcohol. This makes the story that much more interesting when you listen to it.